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I have a router with dynamic DHCP where I created some fixed addresses for some things I want to use with dyndns. The problem is, that I have a pc/server which does not support DHCP/dynamic IP, so I have a static IP on this one (instead of only static IP for it on the router + PC in DHCP mode), which is the reason it won't show on my router's interface for portforwarding. How can I make it show in the interface?

I have some OEM router from my ISP, but maybe the software/firmware version can help: 4.8.3.DWVV_TAU_5.3.5

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If your router won't let you put in an address manually then it needs to be taken out back and shot. – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Dec 26 '13 at 7:22
If this is a Pirelli Router you should be able to just type in an IP in the port-forwarding page. See here. – Rik Dec 29 '13 at 19:06

Apart from agreeing whole-heartedly with Ignacio's brilliant analysis, you may consider giving these pcs a reserved address. This may even be a better alternative to a static IP.

Let your pc get a DHCP address, then go the router's GUI, and check where it says: Address Reservation or some such thing. You can then associate the MAC address of the pc in question which is currently connected with the IP address it currently holds, in such a way that that address will never be given to any interface with a different MAC address, and that the given MAC address will always receive the same IP address.

Be careful: if you change the interface your pc connects to your LAN (for instance, wifi instead of ethernet) it will not receive the reserved IP address because the MAC number is not the one for which the reservation has been made.

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