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I have the partition that I want to extend onto "Unallocated" (in Windows 7 the color-code indicator above is black). The volume that I want to extend is formatted correctly (NTFS) as indicated by the official Microsoft directions. The volume that I want to extend on was originally named "RECOVERY" and is ~10GB. When I right click the volume I want to extend, the "Extend Volume" option is not clickable. I have tried reformatting the "RECOVERY" partition in several different manners, to no avail. Help?

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Is the 'RECOVERY' partition adjacent to the partition you are trying to extend? If not, you won;t be able to. – DaveParillo Nov 12 '09 at 3:37
Yes. There are 3 partitions: OEM -- UNALLOCATED -- (C:). Unallocated is right beside C: – eqzx Nov 12 '09 at 3:49
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Are you trying to extend a partition where your system files are located? I've tried this a little while back (reducing the size of my data partition to make room for programs) but to no avail. I believe I read somewhere that you can't extend that particular partition with the W7 Disk Management utility. You'll likely have to look for a different piece of software (e.g. Partition Magic) to do that.

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the partition i am trying to extend does have my system files on it. partition magic will work? i guess I'll give it a go – eqzx Nov 12 '09 at 19:22
finally got around to it. it was a breeze. thanks. – eqzx Nov 17 '09 at 19:48
Glad it worked out. :) – Illianthe Nov 18 '09 at 19:58

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