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I have the following devices:

  • TV (Inputs: HDMI + DVI)
  • Xbox 360 (Outputs: HDMI Audio/Video)
  • Desktop PC (Outputs: HDMI + DVI Video; 1/8" mini cable out Audio)
  • Two LCD PC monitors (Outputs: DVI Video)

And I have two rooms I would like to use these devices in:

  • Living Room (contains TV + Xbox 360)
  • Bed Room (contains PC + monitors)
  • Both rooms are adjacent to each other.

I would like to play my PC games on my TV. Conversely, I would like to play my Xbox 360 on my PC monitors. Is there any way to have some sort of central hub/switch system that I can send different video/sound signals to either the TV setup or Monitor setup? Especially given my PC outputs Video through the video card and Audio through a sound card?

Bonus points for incorporating a NAS into this system. Thanks for the suggestions! (I apologize if there's a better SE site for this to go into.)

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Your main question's easy (hdmi switching, as suggested previously by others), the NAS part however is confusing. Is being able to access it with your xbox/pc not enough, or is that not what you mean? – DaJF Dec 27 '13 at 1:23

you need something like this HDMI Switching

forgot to mention that you can get HDMI to DVI converter for the screens that don't take HDMI

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The HDMI switch is a good suggestion. Forgot about those. Is there any solution that would take into account that my PC has separate Audio and Video outputs? – Fillip Peyton Dec 26 '13 at 20:13
you would need something like this BYTECC HM108 DVI + Audio to HDMI® Converter, link – Vladimir Oselsky Dec 26 '13 at 20:19

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