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I use this naming convention for my television shows, and XBMC used to work with this just fine until I upgraded to the latest version. (Note: bold items are folders)

  • Television
    • 3rd Rock From the Sun
      • Season 01
        • 01 Brains and Eggs.avi
        • 02 Post Nasal Dick.avi
        • 03 Dick's First Birthday.avi

Now that I've upgraded to the latest version, it won't detect the episodes until I make sure the show name, and season number are in each file like so...

  • Television
    • 3rd Rock From the Sun
      • Season 01
        • 3rd.Rock.From.the.Sun.S01E01.Brains.and.Eggs.avi
        • 3rd.Rock.From.the.Sun.S01E02.Post.Nasal.Dick.avi
        • 3rd.Rock.From.the.Sun.S01E03.Dicks.First.Birthday.avi

I much prefer the first naming scheme, is there a way I can get XBMC to work with the old scheme again? I've reviewed the XBMC Wiki and tried adding the following to my advancedsettings.xml file, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

    <regexp>[/\._ \-]()([0-9]+)(-[0-9]+)?</regexp>

Note: Currently running version 12.3-1 of XBMC.

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