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I am trying to start Apache Tomacat server on my Sony VAIO laptop.

But it says 8080 already in use. I have googled much on this and checked answers on superuser but none helped me.

Finally I found it myself that "VCWebServer.exe" is running on my laptop and that is causing the issue.

Every time I start my PC this exe automatically gets running. I want to know that which service is responsible for making this exe run. So I can make it start Manually. Or is there any way that I can stop this exe run every time I start PC.

Thanks in advance.

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A little googling has told me that this is part of Sony VAIO "VCService", so this command will set it manually.

sc config VCService start= Manually

EDIT: It will spring up from time to time when set to manually, you may prefer to fully disable it.

sc config VCService start= DISABLED
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Please make sure that Vaio VCService is not part of a Viao software application that you use/ – Ganesh R. Dec 27 '13 at 5:45
@Knuckle-Dragger I have set this service to Manual. But then also when I start my PC after some time this service gets started. I am starting no program – Foolish Dec 27 '13 at 16:23
sc config VCService start= DISABLED – Knuckle-Dragger Dec 27 '13 at 17:08

VCWebServer is an enhancement utility from Sony(Sony vaio care). The default path on disk is C:\Program Files\sony\vaio care\vcwebserver.exe. The corresponding service for VCWebServer is VCService. You can change it to manual startup by using command sc config VCService start= Manually or goto services.msc, find VCService and from properties tab you are able to change startup to manual

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For fun I have written this powershell.ps1 script to prevent the app from running. It runs invisibly in the background and will stop VCWebServer.exe from executing.

taskkill.exe /f /im VCWebServer.exe

If ((gwmi win32_process -filter "ProcessID=$PID" | select commandline).commandline -notmatch 'Hidden')
$COMMAND = "powershell.exe -nologo -WindowStyle Hidden -File " + "`"" + $myInvocation.MyCommand.Definition + "`"" 
        $Query = "select * from __instanceCreationEvent within 1 where targetInstance isa 'win32_Process' AND TargetInstance.Name = 'VCWebServer.exe'"
            $Eventwatcher = New-Object management.managementEventWatcher $Query
            $Event = $Eventwatcher.waitForNextEvent()
            taskkill.exe /f /im VCWebServer.exe
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I guess Handle.exe from Sysinternals would have been useful to find the parent process in the case a future reader needs to find a different.exe's owner. – Knuckle-Dragger Dec 27 '13 at 5:25

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