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I want to checkout a repository using hg on Mac OS X.

I am getting this error:

$ hg clone -r release $GOROOT
abort: Python support for SSL and HTTPS is not installed

And I check my hg and python location, but I forget how I installed hg and python on my computer.

$ which hg
$ which python

Can you please tell me how can I fix my problem?

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Try running this in your Terminal:

sudo port install py25-socket-ssl

Also, make sure you've got the latest versions of mercurial and Python.

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ALso your path is mixed - you get Macports mercurial but Apple's python which could be the problem. Install from Macports python_select and choose python25 or python26 – Mark Nov 12 '09 at 13:32
Thanks. I tried. $ sudo port pythong_select Password: Unrecognized action "pythong_select" but i get 'unrecognized action' error. – n179911 Nov 14 '09 at 9:03

Don't use MacPorts or Fink to install things that are either already on your system or aren't particularly difficult to build normally. Apple's Python and Ruby installations have a very specific structure which package managers tend to destroy.

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