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I'm an instance from a community ami with Ec2SetPassword disabled. That is, it won't generate a password.

I want to be able to connect and login to the instance. However, i do not have the password.

I've read that the Ec2SetPassword is a setting in the config.xml somewhere. I have no idea how to find the config or how to change it. Has anyone done this before?

I figured out a way but it doesn't work. From here: http://docs.openvpn.net/how-to-tutorialsguides/virtual-platforms/amazon-ec2-appliance-ami-quick-start-guide/ According to the page, under the configure instance details tab when creating an instance, in the advanced details section, you can set the admin_user and admin_pw.

i'm saying it didn't work because even after setting the admin_pw, I could not login with that password and after setting both the user and pw, I could not login with that user and password combination. I'm not sure why this is the case. What i typed exactly into that box was

admin_user=foo admin_pw=foo

Then when the login screen came up after I double clicked the rdp file, I input foo and foo as the username and password. It did not work.

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