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Problem :

Audio output stops working randomly, more exactly you can hear bits of it sometimes. It is like an audio drop-out that could happen on a very old PC when the CPU is at 100% CPU, being so busy that playback becomes hatched. (that's what it reminds me)

I have tried a couple of solutions describing the same behavior on the web such as reinstalling the drivers, ATI ones and RealTek ones but none worked so far. Additionally, when the audio breaks like this, the Windows' sound panel takes an incredible time to show up.

The only solution working so far is to restart the PC as trying to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI connector doesn't make Windows re-detect the sound card and eventually fix the problem.

Configuration :

  • Windows 8
  • Intel Core I7 4770 (which includes an integrated GPU : HD4600)
  • 16Gb RAM
  • ATI HD7850
  • Motherboard is a GigaByte Z87-PD3
  • system has the latest updates and drivers

Note : everything works perfectly under Linux. (so I guess there's no defective hardware)

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