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Is there any way to play GIFs with Windows Photo Viewer or with Picasa Viewer in Windows 7 when Internet Explorer isn't my default browser?

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A suggestion over on TechNet from a Microsoft MVP is using IrfanView to view animated GIFs:


This is by design.

I use the free IrfanView Program and associate the GIF file type with that program.

Solves the problem.

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From here

For Windows Photo Viewer

Nope ,

GIF files will only play when Internet Explorer is set as the default program to open them instead. They can only be viewed in Windows Photo Viewer

For Picasa

The Picasa viewer is not the Windows viewer. It's not the same program. Obviously. I'd venture to say that the Picasa viewer is more of a "photo" viewer. And an animated GIF is definitely not a photo. Granted Picasa handle some GIFs. But, last time I looked, they didn't handle the 24-bit color GIFs. And they don't handle animated GIFs. Personally, there are a lot of things I'd rather have them working on than adding support for animated GIFs...


(or) if you want view the gifs , i would suggest ACDSee

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right click, open with IE, it works even if it's not your default browser, IE isn't my default browser either, i use chrome as default, and have firefox installed.

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The Windows XP one has been forward-ported: https://github.com/Corgano/Windows7GifViewer

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I also faced the same problem and finally wrote this software to view GIF and other images just as we do in windows photo viewer.

Read about DND photo viewer

Download Link for DND Photo Viewer

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