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I've been getting into the fluxbox window manager more and more, especially using it's more minimal styles. Currently I'm just using Debian/Lenny's default setup.

I'm looking for a utility which will put an icon in the "slit" and launch a specific app for me with one click. I've already discovered "bbrun", but that's a two stage process (bring up dialog, type command or select from pull down). The old blackbox predecessor of fluxbox had bbdock and bbutton addons, which seem to do exactly what I want, but aren't in Debian as far as I can see.

Any suggestions from Debian fluxbox users as to how to achieve one-click launch from the slit would be appreciated.

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I just downloaded and built bbbutton 0.8 from source. One #include <stdlib.h> needs uncommenting. Works great.

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