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I have a markdown document with the following line:



Press <kbd>CMD</kbd> + <kbd>SHIFT</kbd> + <kbd>></kbd>

Instead of CMD I want to add the special Mac glyph.

How to do this?

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You're looking for the PLACE OF INTEREST SIGN, ⌘.

The HTML entity for it is &#8984;.

Note that you can press T to bring up the Character Viewer in most applications (or go to Edit » Special Characters). Here, you can add various characters to your favorite list for later use.

Some examples for characters often used in Mac keyboard shortcuts:

  • ⌥ – Alt / Option
  • ⌃ – Control
  • ⇧ – Shift
  • ⌫ / ⌦ – Backward / Forward delete
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Is there a shortcut for this character other then going into Character Viewer and selecting from there? – janos Dec 31 '13 at 13:49
How can I add new various characters into Character Viewer ?.I am using vim editor. The reason is that I do not have this special character in the favourited list and at all there... – jusepe Dec 31 '13 at 13:55
Character Viewer can show all characters on your system—you cannot add new ones to it. You can only change your favorites. Click the small preferences sign and make sure to select all lists that you want. You can then search for characters, and if you select one, click the Add to Favorites button on the right. – slhck Dec 31 '13 at 14:08
Is there a list of these entities? How does this look on a PC? – Shanimal Jan 20 at 19:36
@Shanimal — the specific rendering depends on your OS, of course. – slhck Jan 21 at 10:46

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