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Is there another solution to this problem using X, perhaps maybe a setting in the window managers twm and/or quartz-wm? We've looked at the usual xterm settings, and cannot recall how we once set it up to scroll at a page set to a single line at a time. Is there such a thing? I think we once set this up in XEmacs under mwm. Is there a Mavericks OSX equivalent?

Presently, we like to set our bash histories to 10,000 lines and Terminal's settings to scroll back limited only by availably memory, and frequently, Terminal's scroll buffer gets LARGE; it gets ridiculously hard to grab the scrollbar slider with the mouse and make fine adjustments. I've resorted to either using gestures with my lefthand on the MBP trackpad and/or using Ubuntu running on Parallels just to get that environment's Terminal interface - it's hard to snapshot that, because the control "dissolves" quickly before I can select it. :-)

There's got to be a more elegant solution!

Please help - I've checked all the usual suspects for a solution for this...

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More on the usual suspects:

Got gnome-terminal running in Mavericks XQuartz. The things that were tried were Ubuntu's Terminal running in a Parallel's VM, using XEmacs's shell minor-mode, and finding a way to get X to load a window manager that provides that widget. All these approaches were not satisfactory solutions. Fortunately, FinkCommander already had the gnome-terminal distribution bundled and ready to compile on Mavericks - note, however, some contention with brew, as described in the next paragraph.

The problem with this approach is that we use brew to install our open source, and FinkCommander and brew DO NOT coexist well together. Each have strong points, and in this case, brew does not have formulae for the gnome tools we want, and fink does, so the follow-on to this topic is how to use both brew (installs to /usr/local) and fink (installs to /sw) at the same time? Having one or the other in the path when working with the other causes problems, both with compiling the toolsets and with using them, hence, the new topic.

Here is a picture of my gnome-terminal - notice the up and down-arrows on the windows right edge at the top and bottom of the scrollbar? This is the best solution available to this problem..


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