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I'm using since a long time znc and irssi but sometimes i'm quite lost to identify my different network.

When I connect I do on irssi

  • /connect -ssl +PORT nick:pass for the first server
  • /connect -ssl +PORT nick2:pass for the second server
  • etc

But the problem is when I switch between server in the status windows with ctrl+x all servers have the same name

  • [11:50] --- | Server: Changed to server
  • [11:50] --- | Server: Changed to server
  • [11:50] --- | Server: Changed to server

How can I fixed that?

I didn't see any name argument for connect

CONNECT [-4 | -6] [-ssl] [-ssl_cert <cert>] [-ssl_pkey <pkey>] [-ssl_verify] [-ssl_cafile <cafile>] [-ssl_capath <capath>] [-noproxy] [-network <network>] [-host<hostname>] [-rawlog <file>] <address>|<chatnet> [<port> [<password> [<nick>]]]

Thanks in advance

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I've finally register the network using /SERVER ADD -auto -network NETWORKName +6667 nick:pass but that the only way I've found.

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