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Using windows Vista with (Dell dimension 520) SigmaTel HD Audio driver installed. I want to reduce the latency of the microphone and have it play back as it is recording (pass-through).

I saw a load of stuff online about how to do this. For pass through they say to right click the sound icon and choose playback devices. Click the "speakers" and then properties. Then go to "levels" and increase the volume of the mic/line-in. But I don't have these. All I can see is the speakers level.

I know my mic works as I have recorded with it. I also have a latency of between 500ms and 1s which is way to much for recording.

I simply don't have the controls to change these settings where others online do... I have the latest driver for my PC (I think): (06/05/2007) does seem old but I cant find newer :(

Any help!?


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