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I'm testing a proxy. I would like to start a second instance of Firefox with command line arguments so that the session uses a HTTP Proxy. (The first instance of Firefox starts normally and runs without the proxy so I can bypass the proxy and directly contact the web).

Firefox has command line arguments, but they don't appear to include proxy information. But I'm not an expert on Firefox command line or other Firefox tricks.

Is it possible to run a second instance of Firefox from the command line with proxy information?

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It appears Firefox does not allow me to start it from the command line with proxy information.

I ended up using Chrome instead. It allows me to start it with Proxy settings from the command line. See

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Try proxychains if you are using linux/unix. Configure it (I`m sure google should help you) and then launch like:

proxychains firefox

Sorry if I did not understand you right.

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Thanks ipeacocks. I wanted use something like firefox -proxy=XXX:YYY or similar. But I don't believe Firefox supports it, so I moved to Chrome. See – jww Jan 30 '14 at 20:05

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