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On an X-server-less CentOS 6.4 box (so no setxkbmap) I share with another person, the other person's name is much easier to type in a particular keymap. Ideally, there would be a way, on-the-fly, to switch keymaps while sitting at the login prompt at the physical machine. How can this be done?

If it can't be done, how can I at least set it up so I can use my own keymap automatically once I log in? This question seems to set the console keyboard in a system-wide way via config file editing (and unfortunately sudo loadkeys... and loadkeys... seemed to have no effect for me despite saying 'Loading...'.)

I also tried yum install system-config-keyboard.x86_64 and running system-config-keyboard as root. No effect, it spits out 'Loading...' just like loadkeys does, but doesn't change the behaviour of my keyboard.

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If you edit /etc/sysconfig/keyboard, that affects the console, but not ssh sessions, which is why I wasn't noticing the change.

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