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Normally there are two minimizing effect in Mac OS X.

  • Genie Effect
  • Scale Effect

There is one more effect.

  • Which works like we flush water. or like flag like effect. (don't have proper words to explain the effect).

I have seen the effect. When I had installed an additional software, I found this effect.

The software was for enabling hidden features of Mac OS X.

I forgot the name of software & Mac has been crashed. So, I don't have that software now.

Will you help me to find out that hidden minimizing effect?

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To change the minimize effect to any of the three options, type or paste one of the following commands into the Terminal:

  • Suck effect

    defaults write mineffect -string suck
  • Scale effect

    defaults write mineffect -string scale
  • Genie effect (Mac OS X Default)

    defaults write mineffect -string genie

Finally, to activate any of the above settings, you’ll need to reload the Dock by killing it:

killall Dock


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Check out Mac Pilot 3 and "Enable Hidden Features and Optimize Your System". Also, don't be afraid to use Google ;) I answered your question just by googling a little bit. – sYnfo Nov 12 '09 at 19:44

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