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How can I launch the "post to delicious" action (Ctrl+D in non-vimperator Firefox) with vimperator installed?

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I prefer to do Ctrl+V, Ctrl+D as it does not require you to get out of Ctrl+Z mode (just kicks out of Vimperator for the keystroke which is Ctrl+D).

Update: with the latest version of Vimperator, punch i then Ctrl+D. Ctrl+Z is now Shift+Esc (to lock it in).

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Ok, so I answered my own question: pressing Ctrl+Z puts vimperator into "pass-through" mode, which allows key shortcuts to operate as expected.

Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+D works.

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yea, but that just makes it a tad complicated, is there no other way? Am thinking perhaps one can add an keyboard short cut exempt in the .vimperator file to perform the ordinary Ctrl-D to bookmark in delicious. – chutsu Feb 16 '11 at 12:29
found a new solution look at my answer! :) – chutsu Feb 16 '11 at 12:41

To hack around the problem add this to your .vimperatorrc (this file is basically a configuration file like vimrc or bashrc, etc etc....if you still don't know what it is, google is your friend):

:set noremap <C-d> <C-z><C-d>

Basically the above remaps the Ctrl+D key (used for delicious bookmarking) to Ctrl+Z + Ctrl+D, so now with that setting in .vimperator you don't have to press Ctrl+Z and then Ctrl+D to bookmark.

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