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In an attempt to set up Radius Service in Windows Server 2012 (first time I have touched a Windows Server, going through tutorials) I am getting the following error when I check Event Viewer -> System: "The address of remote Radius server 'my computer name' in remote RADIUS server group Microsoft Routing and Remote Access Service Accounting Servers resolves to local address . This address will be ignored."

I run a DHCP server in the Cisco ASA and not in Windows Server, I do not have DNS set up in ASA. I am supposed to have one in Windows Server (required for setting up AD) but I did not configure it in any way. DNS seems to be the problem.

This error is generated when I try to test AAA configuration from a Cisco ASA device. The purpose of setting ASA is to authenticate VPN users. So far I set up Active Directory, Domain Controller, and took steps to setup Radius both on the Windows Server and the ASA.

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