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In Open Office, how do you make the first row of data "scroll lock" so it is always visible as you scroll down?

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Select the first row below that which you would like "frozen" and select Window | Freeze.

EDIT: In fact, this works to freeze rows and columns. For example, if select cell C3 and Window | Freeze, then the first two rows and the first two columns will be frozen.

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For gnumeric users, a similar feature is available through View > Freeze Panes. – Skippy le Grand Gourou Nov 10 '15 at 13:30

Or do it in one step by putting your cursor in the first cell that you want to allow to change, then click Window > Freeze.

For example, to freeze the first two rows and the first two columns, you'd put your cursor in cell C3 and click Window > Freeze.

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