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I have installed MAMP on OSX and while MySQL is running, Apache doesn't start. Here are some screen shots I have to describe the situation. Also when I start the server (or before that) httpd is not found in activity monitor. enter image description here

Here's the screen shot showing web sharing is off: enter image description here

And here's the screen shot showing that what are the selected ports (I have tried 8888 for Apache but it's the same exact result): enter image description here

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Check the Apache log file – Oliver Salzburg Jan 5 '14 at 11:05
check that your suggested port for Apache is not using by another program . commands like netstat on windows may help you – lion May 31 '14 at 6:32

It may be tied to your user name. If you haven't already, try logging in on your MAC as user admin ( if the account still exists ). It seems to be something to do with the spaces in the user name. Works for me. Although I would rather log in as me I am not sure of the implications of editing my username to exclude spaces.


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Go to your MAMP folder in Applications. Go to bin -> apache2 -> bin:

Then rename the file from "envvars" to "_envvars".


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