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I have got couple of issues.

  1. I have 2 open wireless connections: one secured (A) and another one unsecured (B). You can log in to both connections.I want to delete the connection B. But the problem is I can't see it from Network and Sharing Center -> Manage wireless network. I have Windows 7 Ultimate. My internet provider is Virgin Media.

  2. Another issue is the connection goes off and on every 2 minutes. So sometimes it is up to 50mbps and then it goes down to 2-3mbps, and sometimes it doesn't work at all. The measures which I have taken for this issue are:

    a. Turned off/on the super hub/router provided by Virgin Media.

    b. Scanned the whole system with Kaspersky. No malicious virus or anything was found.

    c. Checked the network adapter driver. It is working properly.

So basically now I am totally confused about what's the problem with my laptop. It's not the problem from Virgin Media, as another guy in our house is getting a good connection. We have a total of 2 laptops sharing the same connection.

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