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Ubuntu isn't working well for me. I'm trying to install it, and all goes well...until I reach the choose partitions screen. It lets me select the drive i want to install Ubuntu to, but the only option on the list is the tiny 24 GB cache on my computer used to speed startup. I booted it live from a USB, and from the live booted OS it detected the drive, partitions on it, etc. What would I do to fix this? I also created an ~150gb partition that was empty before installing ubuntu. Still nothing.

And also, in case nobody posts and answer and I have to just install to the SSD, is it easily possible to use files from another disk than the installation disk in ubuntu? If I installed Ubuntu to the SSD, would it still be pretty simple to use files from the main hard disk?

I've also tried doing that dmraid thing, nothing happened (it said no raid disks). Also tried sudo os-prober. I did both of those through the live ubuntu.

And, as one last point, when I go to the "advanced" section of the partitioning page in the installer, it lets me select the main disk as the bootloader, so it obviously knows it's there

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Did you try guided configuration, or manual configuration? – MariusMatutiae Jan 5 '14 at 4:58
what do you mean by that? – Markasoftware Jan 5 '14 at 18:15
When you reach the partition stage, you are asked whether you want do it all by yourself (manual), or following their suggestions (guided). Which did you choose? – MariusMatutiae Jan 5 '14 at 18:29
suggestions, I'm pretty much a complete linux noob – Markasoftware Jan 5 '14 at 18:30
I understand and I can relate to that. But I believe you would be offered the opportunity to install on a different disk only by choosing manual. Just try it, without really installing it, just to check whether I am right. You can always abort installation midway through the process, if you do not feel confident. – MariusMatutiae Jan 5 '14 at 18:33

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