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I have two router, i want to extend my wifi

i have an tp-link AC1750 Router who are directly connected to my cable modem ( it's ssid is: main_router, dhcp is enabled

i have an tp-link TL-WR1043ND router( , gateway: it's ssid is: secondary_router, this one is bridged to main_router, dhcp is disabled

both router have same start and end ip address (for lan).

do i need to bridge the main_router to the secondary_router

my laptop is connected to main_router (5Ghz network but 2.4Ghz is also available), but often i get empty page, i need to refresh web page and it's ok...

wireless is used to connect secondary_router to main_router majenko post from here: connecting two wireless router said both router need to operate in bridge mode

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Please see my edit –  MariusMatutiae Jan 5 '14 at 18:28

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Enable DHCP on R1 connected to modem with range to

Disable Dhcp on R2.

Configure ip address on then LAN of R2, no hosts will use this IP anyway, it is just a placeholder as some routers require it.

Connect R1 and R2 by ethernet cable using any of the LAN ports, not WAN, because we need to switch between them, we don't want to route.

If you try to connect your pc to R2 wifi, the pc will broadcast DHCP request, R2 will ignore the request, but as it is broadcast it will go through the cable to R1, then R1 DHCP will respond with IP address and default gateway

Make sure no VLANs are blocking the switching path between R1 and R2.

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both router are too far, that why i want to connect them using wifi –  redfox26 Jan 5 '14 at 14:52
If you want to connect both routers via wifi then R1 should run as access point and the other as repeater or WDS. –  aseaudi Jan 5 '14 at 15:08
ok so my current config should be except maybe R2 who use for it's gateways... should use seem like the way to go: tp-link.com/lk/article/?faqid=263 –  redfox26 Jan 5 '14 at 15:16

dhcp is disabled

both router have same start and end ip address (for lan)

The two things don't jibe: if you have disabled DHCP on the router, the ip address range is irrelevant for it.


you had not made clear you needed to connect the two routers wirelessly. The suggestion to turn DHCP off still stands. Your router2's User Guide, to be found here, shows these two pages:

Page 35 Page 36

They are pages 35 and 36 of the manual, appearing under the Wireless settings heading, also in the Wireless setting GUI of your router2. They describe quite clearly how to set up WDS (wireless distribution system). All you will need is the MAC address of your router1 wireless NIC. You can obtain that easily by means of the command:

  sudo iw dev wlan0 scan

(if your pc's wireless NIC is wlan0, otherwise change accordingly). Search for your SSID, you will also find the MAC address to be inserted above. The other command are well explained.

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