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I need help with setting Source Code Pro as monospace font on Fedora 20/KDE.

I downloaded version 1.017 from SourceForge and copied seven otf files to /usr/share/fonts/SourceCodePro/. Here are relevant lines from fc-query output:

family: "Source Code Pro"(s) "Source Code Pro Black"(s)
style: "Black"(s) "Regular"(s)
fullname: "Source Code Pro Black"(s)
weight: 210(i)(s)

family: "Source Code Pro"(s)
style: "Bold"(s)
fullname: "Source Code Pro Bold"(s)
weight: 200(i)(s)

family: "Source Code Pro"(s) "Source Code Pro ExtraLight"(s)
style: "ExtraLight"(s) "Regular"(s)
fullname: "Source Code Pro ExtraLight"(s)
weight: 40(i)(s)

family: "Source Code Pro"(s) "Source Code Pro Light"(s)
style: "Light"(s) "Regular"(s)
fullname: "Source Code Pro Light"(s)
weight: 50(i)(s)

family: "Source Code Pro"(s) "Source Code Pro Medium"(s)
style: "Medium"(s) "Regular"(s)
fullname: "Source Code Pro Medium"(s)
weight: 100(i)(s)

family: "Source Code Pro"(s)
style: "Regular"(s)
fullname: "Source Code Pro"(s)
weight: 80(i)(s)

family: "Source Code Pro"(s) "Source Code Pro Semibold"(s)
style: "Semibold"(s) "Regular"(s)
fullname: "Source Code Pro Semibold"(s)
weight: 180(i)(s)

Then, I added following lines into /etc/fonts/local.conf:

            <family>Source Code Pro</family>

and ran fc-cache. After that I was able to pick this font from an application and it was available in 12 styles mentioned in fc-query output. Monospace was indeed Source Code Pro, and although styles available were different (Italic, Normal, Bold Italic and Bold), they were shown properly (bold had increased weight and italic was slanted).

Then I decided that the font was too thick and wanted to use Light variant as Monospace. After I changed 'Source Code Pro' into 'Source Code Pro Light' in /etc/fonts/local.conf I got thinner Monospace but changing the style (Italic, Normal, Bold Italic and Bold) didn't change appearance of letters. They all look like Normal. I guess it has something to do with hinting but I don't know enough about font-config to figure out what to do.

Thanks in advance

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