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Where do I find a real time spectrogram analysis application for the Mac? Freeware or Shareware if possible.

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Spectrogram is a free real-time spectrum analyzer VST plug-in for Macintosh. The spectrum may be shown in 4 different modes: "Spectrograph view" - "Waterfall view/ 3D" - "Spectrogram view" - "Power view" . Settings include: input choice (mono/stereo), FFT Size choice (1024/4096), magnitude and scroll/frame speed.

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AudioXplorer is pretty good, open source (BSD license), and it can do both real-time and file analysis. It shows an oscilloscope, spectrum, and spectrogram/sonogram.


One flaw is that the frequency axis and spectrum level are both linear instead of being log-scaled frequency and dB, and I don't see an option to change that.

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