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Is there any way to find the last key used in vim so I could use the same function for multiple things depending on the key pressed.

For instance:

nn <F1> :call Fhandler()
nn <F2> :call Fhandler()

fu Fhandler()
  if v:triggerKey == "<F1>"
  elseif v:triggerKey == "<F2>"

For instance, in AutoHotKey I have A_ThisHotkey which could be used to setup mentioned proxy function.

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Unless we are dealing with an XY problem with your question, why not just do this:

nn <F1> :call Fhandler('<F1>')
nn <F2> :call Fhandler('<F2>')

fu Fhandler(key)
  if a:key == "<F1>"
  elseif a:key == "<F2>"
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its not DRY .... – majkinetor Jan 5 '14 at 21:00
Isn't the "don't repeat yourself" idea meant for when it's avoidable? In this case you're probably stuck with it. – Heptite Jan 6 '14 at 2:28

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