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Have downloaded 2 .ZIP files but both have different permissions for reasons I don't understand. These 2 files among other files were in public directory of source laptop through which I wanted to copy to destination laptop using LAN cable. After copying whole directory to destination laptop I could not locate 1 file and after seeing it had different security permissions from all others that succeeded to copy, I have changed security permissions for it, after which .ZIP file in question appeared on destination laptop I was copying files to so I finally succeeded copying that stinker.

I screenshoted "General" and "Security" tabs of both files so you can see they have different permissions set:

1st RKDevelopTool_Release_Pack_v1.37.zip file has "Block" dialog and security warning in "General" tab:

enter image description here

But on "Security" tab I have all permissions (weird?):

enter image description here

2nd RKBatchTool_v17English.zip file is the stinker which I could not copy at first. This time though, there is no "Block" dialog notifying me of security:

enter image description here

But, on "Security" tab you see this file lacked 2 permissions which prevented it from being located through destination laptop to achieve copying it there:

enter image description here

As soon as I have added missing checkmarks, file appeared on destination laptops and I could copy it.

Somehow I get a feeling that not all permissions are equal on my laptop in addition to this case because on destination laptop I can navigate almost in any folder (Windows 7 Home Premium) while on source laptop (Windows 7 Enterprise) where I think not all files/folders have equal permissions, I am restricted from navigating to certain directories like All Users, AppData, User.

I have a feeling this problem is related to my network sharing problem as well. Can my laptop be programmed to set permissions as it sees fit?

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