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I want to have a different behavior for double-click in Windows Explorer (Windows 7) for folders and files.

Folders should be opened with double-click, but neither documents nor executables should be opened by double-click. Last ones should only be opened using the context menu or, additionally, if possible using e.g. STRG+Click or ALT+Click.

The only options regarding click behavior in Windows is single-click or double-click to open an item is in the Explorer -> "Folder Options" -> "General". This is not what I need.

Is there a registry-key I can configure or some other possibility to realize this behavior?

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AFAIK there is no such functionality to change mouse behaviour for files v/s folders atleast in Windows. –  Ashish Kulkarni Jan 6 at 11:47
That would be a shame. –  Mar Jan 6 at 12:24

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