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I want to write a series of the character -, the amount equaling to 50% of the terminal window column size.

I already have the column size. Let's say the terminal column size is 30. My desired end result would be a String variable containing this:

echo $column_width
# That is 15 x "-"

How should I go about building this variable? Should I loop through 0 < $column_width and concatenate a "-" for each iteration, or is there a smarter way? In case you wonder, this is just some stuff for a bash prompt.

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Perl is good at this:

separator=$( perl -e 'print "-" x (qx(tput cols) / 2)' )

With the shell:

separator=$( printf "%*s" $(( $(tput cols) / 2 )) " " | sed 's/ /-/g' )

where tput cols is used to grab the current terminal width.

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