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I know how to convert PDFs using calibre the simple way. Just pressing convert and thats's it. But how can I actually convert the PDF to a "richer" .mobi?

I would like to take the images, headline formarts and mathematical expressions of texts as well after the conversion. But what do I need to do for that?

I have the latest Kindle (not the paperwhite).

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I do not think that this is possible using calibre. Handling images maybe somehow be possible, but since mathematical expressions are usually stored as text they will likely be screwed up by any conversion efforts.

Instead I would suggest you take a look at k2pdfopt. This allows you to generate a new PDF optimized for your reader's display size.

It can handle multiple columns, resize and reflow text, preserve images and formulas. Tables are often preserved as well, but stay small. Just try it, maybe it works for you.

If you like the results and do not mind jailbreaking your Kindle, you can run the program directly on it. I give some more details on this in this answer on StackExchange's ebook site.

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I replied to a similar Q earlier. Merge PDF to ePub.

After you create an EPUB, you would need to use Kindle Previewer to turn it into mobi and eventually load it onto a Kindle.

Your task may be easy, or laborious, depending on the internals of your PDF file. That is dependent on "how" the PDF was created in the first place, which might not have been under your control.

From my experience, if the PDF was created from a scanned document, you'll have to do quite a bit of review and manual editing, which doesn't meet your desire for the 'simple way.'

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