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I ran into a problem last week and my computer (Asus G73Jh A-1 ) ended up in a Startup Repair Infinite Loop. Unsure of the cause, I decided to troubleshoot with Ubuntu Live disk. Thankfully, I was able to backup the available hard drives (unfortunately, not the drive with Win7 installed, as it would not mount). I found myself having fun with Linux and I have had an appreciation with the OS since high school, I thought I'd stick with it awhile. So, I installed Ubuntu 13.10 on top of the Win 7 drive, reformatted the other two partitions and went about my way using Ubuntu. Sadly, I found through basic laptop use, my graphics card fan would start up an annoyingly large amount of the time. While I can handle this with gaming, it was kind of a deal breaker...also, I wanted to see if the issue was resolved. (Also, I did run a couple Ubuntu hard drive scans and found no issues on the drive).

So, I reformatted the drive to NTSF and installed a fresh Windows 8 Pro OS on the drive. It rebooted, I hit up ninite, and then went to update. There were no problems with the first set of updates, rebooted and started downloading/installing subsequent updates. Then my OS froze. Couldn't move mouse, nothing. Hard reset and barely got going a second time on the desktop, boom, frozen.

Now, I'm back on Ubuntu Live disk where I started last week and wondering if any of you super users could identify my problem?

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