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I want to create simple bibliography that would be sorted by authors name and would be with numbered links. But I have problems doing that. I tried using bibliography feature in a Word, but it strangely adds sources. For example I added some book and it adds like this (I tried various styles, but every style adds () and didn't see a way to make it numbered):

(Author, Something)

I want it to look like it is in most articles, simply like this:

My text

My text I refer to some book [1]. Another reference [2]. And some other reference to same book again [1].


[1] Author1, Book name1
[2] Author2, Book name2

How could I do this (and if I pressed on [1] in text, it should jump to referenced book. The same as in Wikipedia)?

The only way I managed to do with was using endnotes, but it does not let me use [] brackets and also I can't reference to same book twice (or maybe I don't know how), I have to create another endnote which creates new number (even if I don't need one, because I'm referring to same book).

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If I understand correctly you are looking for bookmarks. With them you will be able to jump up and down the document and simulate the "wikipedia behavior" you want. Here is a more detailed article about it: Add or delete bookmarks

Essentially you go to Insert tab > Links > type a name for your bookmark and add it. Later on you go to same place and select the bookmark you created and hit "go to".

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Thanks, this looks like the closest thing I need. Is it possible to make it automatically numbered? So for example if add another bookmark in between other bookmarks, it would automatically assign proper number for it. Now I see I need to manually enter numbering. And later I will need to modify manually alot if it wont adjust like this: [1] book1, [2] book2. Then let say I want to add another book that by ordering is second book, so it should adjust numbering like this: [1] book1, [2] book3, [3] book2. – Andrius Jan 8 '14 at 13:02
Have a look at this:… – whatever Jan 8 '14 at 13:21
I found how to do the way I wanted by this example: – Andrius Jan 8 '14 at 13:29

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