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I recently updated to Windows 8.1 (from XP) and I can no longer select 1366x768 (or 1360x768) as a screen resolution when plugged into my HDTV. How can I force the resolution to either of these options.

My TV is a Panasonic tx-32lxd700a - which has a native resolution of 1366x768. In windows XP or vista, I was able to install the latest graphics card drivers for my integrated Radeon 3200 HD GPU, and the option just appeared. This is not the case with Windows 8. Actually, even installing the apparently correct driver doesn't actually change which driver the device manager reports as being used.

From what I can tell, my TV is probably not outputting 1366x768 as a valid EDID value, and since Windows appears to lock down allowed resolutions and drivers.

I have tried updated the monitor driver to use: Generic - Flat Panel 1360x168, but this still doesn't fix the issue.

FYI - I never could get the resolution set correctly in Ubuntu either.

And before anybody tells me my TV does not support 1360x768, I know it does. I have had Windows Vista and XP successfully outputting it pixel perfect for years.

I'm assuming the issue is either: - TV not outputting correct EDID. If so where can I get a signed INF override driver to fix this? - GPU not having the correctly drivers. If so, where can I get the correct ones?

Also, I'm totally happy to switch to using DVI (with a converter to VGA) or HDMI. But VGA is the only option that has worked for me up until now.

Perhaps the easiest solution is to buy a new graphics card or full hd tv ?


UPDATE: I'm close! Was able to manually install drivers by downloading the legacy drivers from AMD. Running the self extractor. Then Device manager > update driver > manually > browse to folder c:\amd... This updated the drivers, and gave me a 1360x768 resolution option!! YAY! It's pretty close, but it looks slightly blurry and there are about 10-30px black bars on the side of the screen. So, still not quite as nice as it looked in windows XP. Where it was pixel perfect & crisp.

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