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I was trying to create a dual boot of Windows 8 and Ubuntu. I successfully installed Ubuntu on the hard disk but it wasn't able to boot so I went through boot-repair which said that I should put a certain file as EFI. I did that, restarted and only Acer logo appeared with nothing else. F2 didn't work, I couldn't get to BIOS any other way.

What I have tried:

  • Re-seat the RAM
  • Trying to boot with other hard drives
  • Trying to boot from flash drive
  • Trying to boot from CD (and all possible combinations with these three)
  • Downloaded BIOS update from the Acer website (, but it only has a version to flash from within Windows (.exe file, but I can't boot to Windows or anything else at all)
  • Shorted JCMOS1 jumper for 20 seconds after which the ACER logo disapeared and instead:
    • After I press the power key, a completely black screen appears for about 5 seconds. After that the backlight on the monitor turns on and the message "Press to enter Setup." appears on the very bottom. Pressing F2 does nothing.
    • If I hold Fn+Esc and then power up, system info appears (Insyde H2O EFI 3.7, Copyright... System BIOS version: v2.13, Processor type etc.) on top and the "Press F2 to enter Setup." on the bottom.
      • Pressing F2 removes the bottom message and scrolls one line up but nothing else.
      • Pressing Alt+F10 removes the bottom message, scrolls about 4 lines but nothing else.
  • I opened the laptop completely, removed the CMOS battery for about an hour, shorted the JCMOS1 pin once again, put it back - nothing.

Any ideas are very welcome!


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I would contact Acer on what the proper procedure to resolve this problem is exactly. – Ramhound Jan 8 '14 at 14:20

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