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I'm trying to set up a network between my Kali Linux VM and my Win8 host in VMWorkstation.

I've configured the Network Adapter to use "Host-only: a private network shared with the host".

Once the VM is booted I try a network scan in it to find hosts. Only the VM itself is detected. The host Win8 is not on the network.

I also tried with Custom VMnet1 (Host-only). The result is the same. Ideally I would like to use VMnet1 as this would allow me to run several virtual machines on the same virtual network.

So how can I get my VMs and my host on the same Virtual Network?

(I can't touch the physical network at my location so it has to be virtual)

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vmware dhcp should assign ip to vm and ip to host on the virtual ethernet interface, can you ping from the ip on the VM to the ip of the host ? –  aseaudi Jan 9 at 16:23

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