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I'm entering tons of dates into Excel - all for the same month and year just different days. Is it possible to simply enter "20" into a cell and have it populate as "12/20/2013" ?

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Enter the number in one column (eg A), and in the next column use DATE:


Fill down to work with other rows.

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You can also use a VBA macro to do this, like this:

  1. Open VBA editor by pressing Alt+F11.
  2. Select from menu Insert > Module.
  3. Write below code:

    Sub dateMe()
        On Error GoTo NotPossible
        If CInt(ActiveCell.Value) > 0 And CInt(ActiveCell.Value) < 32 Then
            ActiveCell.Value = CDate("2013-12-" + CInt(ActiveCell.Value))
        End If
    End Sub
  4. Now you can open Macro window by selecting View > Macros > View Macros from menu, and now when dateMe is selected press [ options... ] and select a key for your short-cut key.

    Note: short-cut key or running a macro over your selected cell will run after exiting from Edit Mode or While Wrinting Inside Cell.

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