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I tried this:

:argdo /pattern

However, it just went through all the files very quickly, and did not pause at each location where the string was found. I just want to iterate over all the locations where a string is found, without replacing.

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Look at :h vimgrep – FDinoff Jan 10 '14 at 6:00
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Vim has a :sleep command that you could use in your command to pause for a few seconds at each match. But a better solution would probably be to use :vimgrep or even :vimgrepadd to build up a quickfix list including each file, which you can then iterate through on your own with :cnext/:cprev.

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You will probably find this screencast very instructive.

A simpler (and less powerful) and relatively obscure (read :help :ilist) alternative:

:argdo ilist foo
:b <bufname>|<line number>
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