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I would like to calculate the time span betweeen two dates with excel and multiply the amount of days with a factor - like 2 d and 10 h * 5$

Its easy to get the days and hours by just substracting in two cells B-A and format one cells with CUSTOM dd and one CUSTOM hh.

But apparently I can not just multiply the values by a decimal factor.

Do you know what to do?

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Are you using the equivalent decimal that's converted out of time (/60, etc)? – Raystafarian Jan 10 '14 at 12:19

You should just be able to apply formatting in the same way to your multiplied cells.

enter image description here

A5 and A9 have custom format dd, and B5 and B9 have custom format hh.


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So what result do you expect? If the difference is 2 days 10 hours and you multiply by 5 that's

12 days and 2 hours

best to avoid dd format because it only counts up to 31, try this formula

=INT((B2-A2)*5)&" d "&TEXT((B2-A2)*5,"h:mm")

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