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There is a very old workstation at a power plant running an MS-DOS system based HMI, I need to recover this and I believe the best way is to create a virtual machine from the old physical machine.

Anyone knows if this is supported by VMWare vCenter Converter 5.5 or an older version?

I'm planning to use Acronis to generate an image of the computer and then vCenter to convert that image to a virtual machine.

Please, any hint or recommendation??

Thanks in advance!

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VMware does support DOS and Win3.1. Instructions to install can be found here.

vCenter convert 4.01 and above can convert TIB files with Acronis True Image Home 2010 and above if I recall correctly.

(I have never tried this myself, just going off what should work.)

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I also want to note that Acronis TIH 2010 is newer than TIH 10. –  Fractal Fear Jan 10 at 22:45
I have done the conversion before from 2K and XP machines, using Acronis 11. Now, the link explains how to do a new installation of MS-DOS on a virtual machine, but my question is if the vCenter Converter is capable of convert an image of a DOS system to a VM by itself. Or do I have to install some extra stuff first? –  Jorge Perez Jan 14 at 17:31

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