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Quite often I use shortcut CTRL + TAB (not ⌘ + TAB) to quickly flick to the previously active tab in favourite text editor. Same behaviour occurs in Visual Studio for instance.

However in Chrome this shortcut gets me to the next tab. From the official help page https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/165450?hl=en :

Press ⌘-Option and the right arrow together. Switches to the next tab.

Press ⌘-Option and the left arrow together. Switches to the previous tab.

I don't need two shortcuts ⌘ ⌥ → and CTRL + TAB for the same action, I want to return to tab I visited just before!

Is there a way to override default shortcuts? Maybe you can recommend a suitable extension?

[slightly related] [rant continues] On google.com when I press ⌫ I land in the search field (rather than history back)

On that basis I would really like to know what is the best way to customise / override shortcuts :)

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