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I use Windows 7 and I saved my login to a server in the network. But meanwhile my password has changed. When I now try to access that server then Windows Explorer automatically uses the old user and password, so I get an "Access denied" popup. And my account is blocked after 3 failed login attempts.

How can I delete or change the saved password?

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Windows 7 has a Credential Manager which lets you view/modify that information.
To access it press Win+R, input control keymgr.dll, Enter

Alternately, you can find the tool under Control Panel > Network and Internet > User Accounts > Credential Manager.

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I had the same problem (using Windows 7). I use Windows Explorer (sometimes) to upload new files to my web servers but I do not ever use IE (Internet Explorer). I wasn't coming up with any valid solutions on this topic so I tried some things of my own. Long story, short: go into Internet Explorer and clear the history including passwords. Since I don't use IE, I cleared everything... cache, cookies, passwords, etc. Clearing out IE cleared out Windows Explorer and I was able to input new usernames and passwords.

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