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There have been a lot of updates since the last answered question on this topic, including removal of the chrome toolbox from the extension site.

While I have been able to, for some time, continue to have my tabs scroll by manually porting chrome toolbox and enabling it. However, recently this method has stopped working.

I would rather not have to bind the ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab to my mouse up/down as it would not allow me to scroll when over the page itself. I know one of the reasons that this was removed was that it interferes with youtube playback somehow, but I rarely use youtube and this functionality is more important to me.

Is there any current and reputable extensions that will provide this functionality? Is there a way to enable and/or modify the browser myself in order to achieve this?

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I am not aware of a Chrome extension doing this, but this post provides a little Windows program that brings back this functionality.

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Hi and welcome to SuperUser! Can you summarize what that program does exactly? Maybe how you came about it? Just a link makes people think spam, so context would be helpful – Canadian Luke Feb 12 '14 at 17:18

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