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I have Ubuntu 13.10 and Windows 7 (dual boot with Grub).

  • On Windows
  • When I suspend or hibernate, in both cases the screen goes black about a minute before the fans stop.
    • When I try to resume from suspend, nothing happens: nothing is shown in the screen, and the keyboard and the mouse keep completely off (the leds aren't turned on).
    • When I try to resume from hibernation, I see the "Resuming Windows" screen, then comes up a black screen with a blinking underscore in the top left corner... and nothing happens.
  • On Ubuntu
    • Suspend works fine.
    • When I try to resume from hibernation, the purple screen (with Ubuntu logo and five dots) is shown with the message "Resuming from /dev/disk/by-uuid/0e07646c-abd4-489a-b9ac-45e5622bca6c" (that is the UUID of the swap partition), but it freezes there, that is, the dots stop changing its colours.

Could anyone give me a suggestion on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance

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