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I have an Dell Inspiron N7010. The G, H, ', 1, 0 and Esc keys no longer work.

I plugged in a external keyboard and it works.
I have tried removing the battery and holding the power button for a few seconds.
I tried cleaning and resetting the ribbon cable.
I tried cleaning the keyboard with air.
I tried uninstalling the keyboard from the device manager.
I tried disabling the Bluetooth.

Nothing has worked so far. Any suggestions? Should I order a new keyboard?

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I don't have experience with that exact model, but on one Dell laptop I once owned the keys could be popped off by levering underneath the edge (with a penknife, for example). If this is possible, it gives better access to clean the contacts/mechanism and may help you restore the key function. – tmpearce Jan 13 '14 at 1:32

Definitely get a new keyboard. You can most likely find one for a decent price on ebay for your EXACT model. Make sure it comes with the appropriate connector and buy new if possible. Installation is pretty easy and there are plenty of guides out there, but it is a delicate process. Most laptop keyboards are ribbon connectors which can break easily.

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The problem you're experiencing is usually caused by failure of a particular section of the keyboard matrix circuit.

You'll need to replace the keyboard to fix this issue. The procedure is documented in page 37 of the service manual to your laptop. While keyboard replacement doesn't appear to be a particularly complex procedure, it does require careful handling of the parts involved.

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