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I am using Fedora 19. The problem is that i want to change the date and time in my system and for that i clicked on the date and time settings. But the window does not appear. Similarly, I cant change Network Settings because the window does not opens. The same is the case for proxy settings in Google chrome. I have tried this number of times by restarting the system but same problem appears every-time.

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Can you open a terminal? Which desktop environment are you using? Gnome? Mate? –  rickhg12hs Jan 7 at 19:23
Yeah, I can open terminal. Using Gnome –  charul Jan 7 at 21:04
What happens when you execute 'gnome-control-center' from a terminal? –  rickhg12hs Jan 8 at 3:58
@rickhg12hs You can see it here pastebin.com/LqAQDbN7 –  charul Jan 8 at 20:22
Interesting samba client dependency problems. Are you having any samba problems? What's the output of 'uname -a'? Do 'yum update' and 'yum check' complete without error? What happens when you execute 'gnome-control-center datetime'? –  rickhg12hs Jan 9 at 3:31
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