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I want to change ubuntu 13.10 shortcuts for example I want to get rid of Alt+F1 well i tried everything.

The last thing I tried was ccsm and removed any reference to Alt+F1 however still when i click Alt+F1 It opens the search bar.

I also tried gconf-editor looked for any reference of that keyboard shortcut and removed it, nothing helps!

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Alt Left is associated to the search bar, so you trigger it when doing Alt L.+F1

That's the shortcut you want to change/remove through Ubuntu's system settings/keyboard/Shortcut window.

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the left <kbd>Alt</kbd> is now disabled with the method you suggested looks like indeed it did some change but Alt+F1 still toggles highlighting of top left unity button :/ – Jas Jan 13 '14 at 17:10
after one day things look better (although I logged out previously) maybe a restart to my ubuntu helped for keys to catch on now ALT does not start ubuntu menu. – Jas Jan 15 '14 at 14:09

In Ubuntu 12.04, I had to open the CompizConfig Settings Manager (CSSM), go to the Ubuntu Unity Plugin, the Behaviour tab and deactivate the Key to put keyboard-focus on launcher which was predefined as Alt-F1.

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just disabled via ccsm "Key to give keyboard-focus to the laucher" but it still activates it :( – Jas Jan 13 '14 at 17:08
Sorry, I have no 13.10 to try it on. This works for my 12.04. – nickie Jan 13 '14 at 22:45
This works well for 16.04. – Mustafa May 26 at 19:45

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