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Is there a way to customize incoming HTML emails from specific contacts using userContent.css?

I want to change the way messages from specific contacts in my address book are displayed. The users have chosen hard to read fonts.

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This is not junk mail. This is from specific contact(s) in my address book. The users have chosen hard to read fonts. – Buggabill Nov 13 '09 at 15:41
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What I am looking to do apparently is not possible without some sort of extension support. Thanks for your input!

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Font Settings in Thunderbird might be what you're looking for.

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You can change the way Thunderbird displays messages by using a userContent.css file.

userContent.css in the chrome folder is a CSS file that you can use to change the way web sites and e-mails look. This file does not exist in a new profile. You can create it manually.

Note: This file only affects your Mozilla application's display (when you are using a particular profile). It does not actually change any web page or e-mail message. For example, if you use the file to change colors in e-mail messages, it does not affect messages that you send—so people who receive messages from you will see them using their own choice of colors, not using your choice of colors.

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