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Does anyone know of a generic driver for touchpads that supports scrolling. I specifically need this for a Windows 7 machine but could use it on others as well.

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Most touchpads would originate with Synaptics, and at worst would be just rebadged. I've used their driver on a wide variety of different makes and models (and OS versions) with success.

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I don't think such a thing exists. Windows drivers are written to support hardware with a given set of Plug'n'Play IDs. Vendors who provide "universal" drivers are just including all of the PnP IDs for their hardware in a single driver file or including multiple driver files in a single package. Trying to find a driver that supports any old touchpad regardless of the vendor who made it is going to be basically impossible.

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Installing the Touchpad using the generic "PS/2 Compatible Mouse" driver sometimes works. On my XP laptop, it gave me tracking and scrolling: just what I wanted. On another laptop running Win7 however, scrolling wouldn't work, so your results may vary.

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If your touchpad is Synaptics, I think they've released multi-touch drivers, at least according to this.

This should allow some mac-like configuration (i.e. 2 fingers will scroll, etc). Unfortunately, I can't find a link to the driver.

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