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Sometimes I make a few changes before remembering to commit. Sometimes they are unrelated. So I first hg stat to see which files I changed, and then I hg diff specific files if I don't remember every change I made to them, so I can make an accurate description in my commit message.

I have a file in my project, a/b/, which is listed when I hg stat. However, if I hg diff -I *c* no results are shown, just the command prompt again. AFAICT from hg diff -h I am using the correct syntax, but apparently not. So, what's the correct syntax to see's differences without having to type the whole path?

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Normally one has to type the full path, unless something like */*/ worked. You'd still need one star per directory though. – Collin Grady Jan 14 '14 at 17:33
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The correct syntax is hg diff -I **c*.

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